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Production and Erection of 4 300 m3 CO2 tanks

25 m3 16 bar Kriyojenik Storage Tank

350 bar ve 300 Nm3-h Vaporizer

50 ton CO2 Storage tank Montajı

1100 m3 Steeping Tanklarının montajı -2

Mounting of 1100 m3 Steeping Tanks -1

6‘lı Hidrojen Depolama Tankı ,Skid sistemli

280 bar working capacity Hydrogen storage tank 4 skid


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Genta Makina - Kayseri Sugar Factory Drying Tromeli

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The shipment of 3 process tanks manufactured for Starch Plant has been completed

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Shipments of 1 JetScrubber and 3 seperators manufactured for Starch Plant have been completed

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12 Ion Exchangers and 2 Mixbedin shipments for the Starch Plant have been completed

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